Personal Branding

It’s a known fact that companies hire and promote candidates who are obviously attractive. Attractiveness is more than good manners and grooming – it’s about conducting yourself with confidence and style too! That’s what we call your personal brand. Attractiveness is more than dressing and grooming.

Shannon Smith is a world-class Image Strategist. When you attend Shannon’s corporate image workshops or engage her for personal coaching, she’ll help you gain that competitive edge and develop a unique personal brand that will set you apart from the crowd.

Her executive finishing school, presentation and communication techniques will help you acquire critical skills in social etiquette, table manners, protocol, image management, wardrobe and presentation.

“With my coaching, you can sit down with the Queen of England for high tea and be perfectly at ease!” she says. “I teach the internationally accepted European style of etiquette and protocol that are not easily available in North America. With my etiquette institute training that I provide, you’ll be able enjoy cocktails in Venice, formal dining in Paris and waltzing in Vienna without blinking an eye. And you’ll know which is the right fork to use. Guaranteed!”

What is Personal Brand Development?

It’s all about the impression you make in the first few seconds of meeting someone. Your wardrobe and grooming, the way you shake hands, your smile, your personal scent, your manner of speaking and voice quality – all these combine to establish your personal brand.

“My premiere charm and finishing school for adults will correct inconsistencies, or habits and misconceptions that may be keeping you from getting that next promotion or landing that big contract.”

It's never to early establish a "Personal Brand". With Shannon Smith's "Finishing Touches", your children's future starts today! Teaching manners and etiquette from an early age enables children to grow into confident young adults. Their star will shine brightly when being interviewed for that first job or introduced to that important someone, once they have created their own Personal Brand.

Shannon says "A powerful, attractive personal brand ensures success in every area of your life faster, with greater ease and comfort. With a powerful personal brand, you’ll climb that corporate ladder much faster.”

Shannon also consults with companies to improve their corporate image.

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