Dear Shannon

Shannon, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I write this letter to you today. I want to thank you for your valuable guidance, training, and direction with my professional image as I believe it was largely responsible for my promotion to the Major Accounts Team here at Telus.

I needed to change my professional image in order to address my new direct sales position which dealt directly with CEOs, Presidents, and Directors of major organizations.

Your attention to detail with my wardrobe and suggestions for professional practices, and setting goals was invaluable – I now understand the power of professional image and career success go hand in hand.

I practice your Premiere Image methodology in a daily basis and receive many compliments on my professionalism and image from colleagues and clients alike. I look forward to recommending you to anyone who needs some assistance with his or her professional image and courtesies.

Kind regards

Wendy Powell
Telus Client Solutions
Account Manager


“Thanks so much for the private instructions on etiquette and the dining course at the Sutton Place Hotel. The tips were invaluable. I shall use them in the U.S.



Shannon’s seminars have been very popular. The reports have been excellent. Our clients tell us that the presentations are not only informative but lively and entertaining. Due to the demand, we have asked Shannon back for repeat engagements and currently have a waiting list of people anxious to attend further sessions. We would highly recommend Shannon, as she is a talented, enthusiastic professional.

The Single Gourmet


I wanted to express a personal thank you for your seminar. The ideas and concepts you exposed were enlightening especially to those of us with open minds. I have already started to apply some of its principles and after just three days I already feel better inwardly and outwardly.

Marketing Manger - Digital


The seminar was exciting, helpful and far too short. I was particularly pleased with the content. Instead of “wardrobing” information we were given valuable tips on stance, presentation techniques and handshake. Your comments “ we need heart” to have a good image, were innovative and appropriate. Your delivery was clear and warm. Altogether a great professional development morning.

M.C. Network Sub committee
Seneca College


We thank you for providing our staff with your workshop which we believe was a worthwhile project. Our staff are now more aware of the importance of image and impressions that can be made by the way in which dress and present ourselves.

Manager, Operations & Retail Banking The Royal Bank


Your professionalism and ability to handle any situation and questions thrown at you is testimony to your experience and aplomb. Your style is not intimidating but very open in the handling of this delicate subject of image with the audience. Everyone at Creative Options looks forward to seeing you. You are always enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring and totally committed to those around you. Our staff now have a word for working with Shannon. It’s ....”Oh, you’re being shannonized.”

Pat Quinn - President
Creative Options


Your presentation “The Power of Personal Marketing” was especially well received by the members and your professionalism certainly captivated the audience’s attention. The knowledge you demonstrated about “image” and its importance in today’s culture was obvious. Our members were very positive and comments went like this: 1. “She really knows her business.” 2. We could use Shannon Smith’s presentation on image every three months. 3 One of the best speakers we have ever had.” We certainly look forward to having you back in the near future.

Jim Geraghty
The Halton and Peel Professional Executive Network

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