Share Your Stories & Be In Shannon's Next Book

Do you have a story to tell? Embarrassing, hilarious, insightful, inspirational, or unexpected – We’re looking for tales of ordinary people in extraordinary situations for inclusion in two new books on the subject of:

  • Cross-Cultural Bloopers – tales of international faux pas and travel experiences
  • Minding Your Manners – funny, awkward & scary situations when manners were misunderstood

Story Guidelines

Every good story has a beginning, a middle, an end, and features an appealing collection of characters. We’re not looking for recycled essays, letters or journal entries. We want you to tell us a true tale about something that has happened to you, or to someone you know, and don’t forget to:

  • Introduce the characters.
  • Explain how they felt in the situation, so the reader can empathize.
  • Set the scene, describe the action, and end with a result.

Stories should have universal appeal and should not include political, controversial or sexual content.

Indicate whether your submission is for Cross-Cultural Bloopers, or Minding Your Manners
Include your name and contact information, as well as that of the author (if different), and indicate whether we are authorized to use these details in the event of publication.
Unfortunately, we cannot acknowledge receipt of your story and advise you to keep a copy, as we cannot return submissions. By sending us your story, it becomes the property of Première Image International Inc. and, subject to acceptance by us, you/the author are/is giving us permission to print it. We will contact you to let you know if your story is chosen for publication. Please note that Première Image International Inc. does not make payments for story submissions .
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