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Do you exude confidence and credibility? Do you present a trustworthy, professional image? Do you have the success you deserve?

 You might have the qualifications (or not) but you will not get far unless you have leadership skills to rise above the rest.

When you enroll in our six-week e learning program


You will discover the brand strategies to monetize


Today’s market is demanding and competition is fierce. Do you know that everything you do or choose not to do communicates the value and character of your brand.

This is your opportunity to find out how you are being perceived and what your Personal brand is saying about you.

Join me in this 6-week e learning program and learn how to showcase your unique talents and capabilities to the world. 

Create an authentic personal brand to become more credible, effective and persuasive.

Be recognized as the leader and influencer others want to follow.

“85% of all decisions are made with our eyes.”

Recent UCLA study

In this actively visual society, personal branding is vital to leadership and success. Present yourself with confidence to be the architect of your future.

“85% of job success comes from having well developed soft skills. While only 15% of job success comes from technical skills."

Harvard/Stanford University study (2019)

Professional presence and the art of personal communication are critical to business Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence says it best:

“Create a brand that is distinct…or become extinct.”

In this 6-week e learning program you will learn the winning formulas to:

“Presence and manners affect how others judge your intelligence, honesty and character.”

Shannon Smith



“Life is NOT about finding yourself – it’s ABOUT creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

If you want to perform flawlessly, with social assurance and confidence no matter where you are in the world then the BRAND YOU SUCCESSFUL e-learning program is for you.

They do not tell you, but people notice style and class. They tend to place you on an A scale from A to Z. Promotions are lost, deals fall through and memberships are denied. You rant only as other people perceive you.

On completion of “BRAND YOU SUCCESSFUL” you will be able to seize new opportunities, gain the competitive edge, set yourself apart AND you will also gain the respect and success you deserve!

CEOs tell me “It is the savvy social manners and personal communication skills that are the key business assets they look for when hiring new people.”

Ms. Smith says: “The greatest barrier to the entrance in business or society at top levels is not intelligence, not education and not experience.”

Take your business to the next level by leveraging the greatest asset you have – yourself.

Shannon Smith is a Personal Brand & Etiquette Authority, Founder of Premiere Image International, and Author of Power Manners. She is also an admired columnist, TV personality and media spokesperson. Shannon has provided corporate training and personal coaching across North America for 25 years. Now, she is bringing this highly sought-after program online to serve you better.

I look forward to assisting you in creating your power skills to uncover your competitive edge.


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