Success Stories

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Example 1

CFO Update

When this 48 year old CFO of a manufacturing company wanted to find a position in the more sophisticated financial arena he knew that he needed to present himself in a more polished, confident, professional manner and called Premiere Image. Bob had just come through a disastrous divorce a year earlier and had also lost over 100 pounds within the last few years. He decided he was ready for even more life change and wanted to begin dating but felt he lacked the self confidence to get back on the dating scene.


After our initial telephone conversation, we arranged to meet for an introductory image audit. I gave him a written report on his presentation, body language and image. Bob wanted to continue with a more in-depth personal assessment in the privacy of his office. We developed a personal action plan which would move him forward quickly.


Since his weight loss, his clothes were so big they were hanging on him. He needed to start from scratch with an entirely new image and up date his wardrobe. The first step was a trip to one of the top hairstylists for a new hair style and cut. Up to this point, Bob had paid little attention to grooming, washed his hair with any soap that was handy and usually went to his local barber at the corner mall. His new hairstyle was more current and enhanced his face shape. He not only liked his new hair style but purchased products to keep his dry hair in top condition. While at the salon he also had his eyebrows shaped and booked a facial and manicure. He experienced a personal color analysis to determine his best colors. We were ready to choose a new wardrobe and eyeglasses to replace his old, outdated pair. At the optometrist he tried new styles of glasses. The glasses seemed to cover his great blue eyes. After trying on several pairs and seeing him without glasses we decided to see if laser eye surgery would work. We made the appointment with the surgeon; he was a good candidate and proceeded to have the surgery. The result……it was successful – no more glasses.


Shopping was next on the agenda and we decided to start with a power interview suit. After trying on many suits in several men’s wear stores we decided on a single breasted, fine wool suit in a medium blue tone, chose a blue shirt and elegant tie to compliment it which suited his new body proportion and colors. Next came a blue/grey pinstripe with all the accessories, then an elegant, business casual outfit that he could wear on casual Fridays or out to dinner with friends. Bob was emerging as a more confident, polished professional ready to start looking for his new position.

Next, we needed to focus on posture; presentation skills, resume writing and interview skills to prepare him to launch his new career and new life. The result………Bob exuded the personal confidence and polish that guaranteed his success with a position in a very reputable financial institution and the presence to begin dating.


Bob was excited and pleased. We are now continuing the process and coaching Bob in the fine arts of how to wine, dine and act fine.

Example 2

Queen for A Day

It was Shelley’s dream to be Queen for a Day! She was a social worker who assisted individuals with low incomes find new positions and the single mother of two high energy boys 8 and 10.  She was overworked, exhausted and felt that her image was not only out of date but stiff and unapproachable. She hadn’t changed her style in years and didn’t feel very confident. During the one hour Mini Image Audit, Shelley was very excited about the “image process” and wanted to begin immediately and we set a date for the next appointment.



During my initial visit to her home, we reviewed her skin care and make up routines, then continued with a color analysis to choose the appropriate colors for her new makeup and wardrobe that would compliment her hair, eyes and skin tones. We then assessed her body proportion and what styles would suit her figure type. We completed a wardrobe audit, a closet audit and a personal presentation critique and Shelley was happy with the action plan we developed which would take her to the next step – a visit to the hairstylist.


I arranged an appointment but Shelley was very nervous and stressed while she was in the salon as she didn’t visit a stylist on a regular basis. She definitely did not want to cut her hair. Her hair was limp, dry, without shape and the ends were badly split. We finally compromised. The stylist trimmed her hair creating a sleek, new, and easy care style she could manage on her own and added a bit of color to give her hair that extra boost.

The next step was a “go see” shopping trip where she could try on new, fresh, updated styles with less structure and softer lines to compliment her pear shaped figure. The new styles made her appear more approachable and open but still business like. Shelley was excited and a delight to work with. She was open to new ideas and suggestions. After the success with her new hair style she was ready to trust me to choose a wardrobe that would fit her position, her budget and casual lifestyle.


We were ready for the “real” shopping trip now and chose several pieces to form the bases of her new wardrobe. Pieces that were easy care, within her budget, would mix and match and flow from work to casual social events. Shelley’s dream came true……..she experienced a personal transformation and became a more polished, confident and professional young woman. She went from unnoticed to unforgettable.

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