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“We transform individuals from Unnoticed to Unforgettable by offering the essential skills for them to become leaders and influencers.”

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It’s a fact…humans think visually!


Personal Brand Assessment
A three – hour interactive and private
For new hires, management, sales reps. C-Suite Executives and entrepreneurs.


Shannon Smith's Book

Power Manners

Do you know someone who could benefit from reading Power Manners?


It is the perfect gift for anyone interested in maneuvering on life’s many stages with wit, culture and sophistication.


In a time when manners have appeared to have gone the way of the typewriter, it’s nice to know that a simple, yet handy reference on how to dine, wine and act fine is at hand.


Why keep it to yourself?

It’s a perfect gift for someone special!

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"Your professionalism and ability to handle any situation and questions thrown at you is testimony to your experience and aplomb. You are always enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring and totally committed to those around you. Our staff now have a word for working with Shannon. It’s ....”Oh, you’re being shannonized."
Pat Quinn
President- Creative Options
"Your powerful image sets the standard for professionalism and branding. The importance of each impression – not just the first one – is just one thing I’ve carried with me since then. I would recommend you to any company that values its brand power and is looking to empower its workforce."
Craig Strong
Senior IT Support Analyst
"Shannon is very passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. The before and after photos on the website make a very effective statement about your work. It makes a very good job of demonstrating the importance and the value of the services you provide – not fluffy at all."
Kathleen B.

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Good Manners are an essential element in everyone's personal portfolio!

Far from a collection of rules and regulations, this is a very practical easy-to-read guide with answers to many of business and social questions.


It explores contemporary manners and universally accepted rules of behavior, helping you through business and social situations throughout the world.


Find out how to make the best entrance, how to handle the business lunch, about small talk and introductions, and what fork to use and when.


Find out how well-mannered you are when you check out our chapter quizzes.

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