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As a company, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. At no time will we permit any personal identifying information about you our client to be released to anyone or appear on this website unless you specifically authorize it in writing. We consider personal information to be your name, address, phone number, date of birth, job function, credit information, or items similar in nature and as such are treated as confidential.


We do not collect any personal information about you except for the information that you voluntarily provide in your membership applications, e-mail, or other forms. You should be aware that the “demo” areas of this website are public by nature and as such other people and/or companies may collect this information which we cannot prevent.


We will not share, rent, or sell any personal information with any company or individual unless otherwise required by law. Should, however, we believe that services from other companies might be of value to you then we will require your express consent in order to provide them with any personal information.


No Personal Identifying Information provided by a user whom we identify as a minor will be used for any form of marketing and promotional purposes. We encourage you to ask your children to seek your permission before providing information about themselves or their families over the Internet.


Our privacy policies are under frequent review. All changes to the policies will be posted. If however, you have questions or comments, about our privacy policy, at any time then please contact us by clicking here. 

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