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“The 21st Century is the era of Competitive Excellence!”

Shannon Smith

Première Image International is dedicated to increasing the visibility and influence of companies and individuals in the business world.


Companies are telling us that they have never experienced the level of competition, daily changes in technology, the chaos of social media, or marketing noise today.


This has led to underestimating the value of appropriate business attire, personal presentation and soft skills, listening skills, correct social etiquette, common courtesies, and professional ethics.


Premiere Image speaks to these concerns by providing the training and coaching programs that provide the skills that are the hallmarks of confident, credible individuals.


Over the past 25 years, Founder and CEO, Shannon Smith has assisted Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurial enterprises both internationally and in Canada, to broaden their scope of authority through comprehensive programs that enhance company and personal branding; see develops – no solid presentation skills; and enriches business etiquette and protocols for our fast-paced, global marketplace.


To ensure consistent company representation across all levels, including the Executive Suite, sales executives, management, support staff and new hires, Première Image International aligns the customized programs with the company’s core values which is imperative to the company’s success.


The ultimate goal with Première Image International programs is to equip individuals with communication skills, strategies, and the authority necessary to positively reflect professionalism consistent with the company brand and objectives.


Première Image International individual coaching programs have contributed to the increased self confidence and success of executives, entrepreneurs, sales representatives, lawyers, doctors, support staff and countless other professionals.

Our Programs are

“Succeeding in any business today is tough…

and getting tougher, using these strategies helps you rise above the rest.”

By utilizing our programs, we guarantee that you and your team will differentiate your company from your competition with
“A STAFF OF STARS”, giving you greater confidence, professionalism, and rapport both in the marketplace and in the community.

Our Mission

To transform individuals from unnoticed to unforgettable to become leaders and influencers.

Our programs are your Passport to Excellence and Success in Today’s World!

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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