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Power Manners By Shannon Smith

Consider this: you’re an employer and you’ve just interviewed several new candidates for hire, all with impressive-looking resumes. Yet one showed up late, another was unkempt-looking, a few came across as being either uninterested, overconfident or exhibiting a behavioural problem-and then there was that one person who upon first arrival was well-dressed, well-versed, sincere, polite and said all the right things that convinced you that she’s the one you’ve been looking for.

No need to debate which candidate landed the job, right? Proper manners, etiquette, protocol, good grooming and being able to conduct yourself in a business setting are just some of the things that Shannon Smith covers in her book Power Manners-and she’ll show you how and why they will help you to climb the ladder of success in today’s world.

Perception becomes reality

“Perception becomes reality within 30 seconds of meeting, because first impressions are instantaneous and irreplaceable,” she begins in the book’s introduction. According to her, society thinks “manners” and “etiquette” 

don’t apply in today’s world, and that they are associated with naiveté and a lack of assertiveness, yet Smith demonstrates how these views are wrong. “When I write about good manners, I’m not talking about a stiff, formal, inflexible code of conduct… What I’m talking about is using good manners to add the polish that gives you personal power,” she writes.

A good first impression, particularly with a boss, client or co-worker can go a long way. And good manners, being rooted in common sense, logic and kindness, make for a good first impression.

In Power Manners, Smith covers all kinds of social events and scenarios, including:

  • Entertaining tips, rules, “do’s and don’ts”
  • How to dress appropriately
  • Greeting, networking, and how to survive meetings
  • How gossip can be good
  • The secrets behind effective presentations
  • The difference between manners & etiquette
  • When to kiss and when to shake hands
  • The true meaning of International Protocol

It is an easy-to-read, fast-paced, practical guide that answers many questions about rules and acceptable behavior in both business and social situations, current trends and customs in contemporary manners, and how best to conduct yourself in society (especially in the business realm).

Oh behave!

More than that, it is a book that forces you to examine how you behave toward others, what impression you make on society, how your lifestyle and attitudes affect your mannerisms, and which body signals you’re sending to others and how you can change, modify or improve upon them.

Throughout the book, Smith tests your knowledge on many forms of etiquette and social mores with True or False quizzes-just to see how “well-mannered” you really are.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Impress others without being fake
  • Schmooze with the best of them
  • Use networking to your advantage
  • Get out of embarrassing business situations
  • Ensure you’re on everyone’s invitation list

Smith guarantees that if you apply her advice, tips, know-how, and guidelines to your everyday life (both at home and at work), you will experience not only life-altering behavior, habits, and changes in attitude, but you’ll also be able to communicate persuasively and effectively, making your image an unforgettable and positive one.

About the Author

Shannon Smith is the founder of Premiere Image International, the foremost provider of personal brand training. She is a leading image strategist, and since 1983, she and her team of consultants have brought about transformations of companies and individuals, leading them from obscurity to success. Her advanced knowledge of image, presentation, etiquette, and protocol is in great demand, both internationally and in North America. She frequently appears in newspapers and magazines and has appeared as a guest on Morning TV, Venture, and the Dini Petty Show. She lives near Toronto and enjoys yoga, dancing, swimming, painting, and travel.

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