Written by Shannon Smith

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine

Traveling has changed and broadened my perspective and understanding of this wonderful, amazing world and the people in it. Whether I had pre-planned or traveled spur of the moment – (which I have done several times) I am open and enthusiastic and always enjoyed whatever came along.


When we expand our horizons, we find differences exist in lifestyle, food, attitudes and manner across different cultures. Despite all that, there are commonalities we can share – love of art (my first choice since I cannot remember if I had a paintbrush or a needle and thread in my hand first).  After that for me – the people, history, nature and the sites, the sounds, the smells and the light.  Since I have a keen interest in viewing the amazing fashion, fabrics, styles colors of the local designers and artisans. There is always something to learn and I can easily become enthralled and loose a sense of time – but that is even more pleasurable.


It is about being in the moment and the experience of learning, become more independent, adventuresome and open to experiencing the new and the old.


The understanding of diverse cultures play a great role in our education while learning more about yourself. I have had the best of times, exploring and enjoying the sights, sounds and  the amazing people I have met along the way.


Here are a few of many, many stories I can tell others to add some spice to my work with clients and make new friends.


I have had a fanciful ride on the antique carousel in Paris and climbed the Eiffel Tower.


While on a two-week spiritual retreat, I experience a silent walk feeling the sand under my feet.


While walking on the beach lead by a chanting monk then sitting by the sea to watch the sunrise. Something I will never forget.


I have shared a Mexican family’s day trip to a remote village, rode on a donkey and swam in the ocean with the children. Sharing lots of fun and laughter with these wonderful people under palm trees and eating the wonderful, spicy homemade food offered graciously to me.


Visiting Florence, Italy visiting The Galleria Degli Uffizi to view one of my favorite artists and view Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Then on to one of the little towns and experiencing a concert presented in a 17th-century church to raise funds for its restoration and to my delight enjoying the unexpected event of a Carrara marble festival.


It was seventh heaven to roam around fields of lush, red poppies and small streets painting in and around the towns in Tuscany….and believe me when I say the “light” for an artist here was amazing.


There are more travel stories to tell. Experiencing Vienna when I was personally invited to visit an actual titled Baroness – now a new and wonderful friend. But this story is for another time!


Why am I telling you these stories?


Two reasons:


One: You will see many wonderful scenes, places, art and statues on our website making your time here more interesting.


Two: Perhaps they will entice and intrigue you to travel, have fabulous experiences and come home to tell your own wonderful stories. You will become more witty, charming and sophisticated! I personally guarantee it.

Happy trails to you!

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