The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication

"The average person spends over 85% of communication time orally!"

Mary Finlay


As a speaker myself with years of experience in communication and being on stage, I have coached individuals to achieve their goals, increase their personal power, credibility and authority.

In today’s dynamic business environment, people working at all levels of an organization are called upon to influence decisions. This requires skills beyond traditional responsibilities.


Our communication programs are for those individuals who want to present themselves, their ideas, impact, and impress others. 


Our communication training is available for all levels of experience – from the novice to the C suite.

We generally prefer oral communication to written for getting our message across. Yes, even in this digital age.

CEO’s tell us –

the“soft skills” are their number one priority when hiring employees!

Oral Communication

The advantages:

There’s only one barrier – the speaker. A person who has the gift of the “gab” – in other words, a great conversationalist has a very useful talent and is powerful.

"Small talk" is really "Big talk."

Listening and Communication

Objective listening helps business and personal relationships thrive. When you learn to move beyond merely hearing words you will gain insight into your listening style and increase your concentration discipline.


Did you know that listening is more powerful than speaking? It is one of the more powerful tools to understand others and gain their trust.


Our communication programs are for those individuals who want to present themselves and their ideas to impact and impress others.

When you Improve these precious skills you will become more Popular – Persuasive – Interesting! It’s also a way to gain more intimacy with friends and colleagues alike and rise above the competition.

Effective Personal and Business Presentation

You may be getting ready for a job interview, meeting new friends, the best man introducing the bride, speaking at a PTA meeting, or knowing that your communication style needs polishing. These programs are available for one–on–one coaching and company training. Customized to suit your specific needs.


Our programs are available for one–on–one personal coaching and for company training.

Personal and Business Communication

Specifically designed for the novice, new hires, junior sales representatives and support staff and those who know that their communication style needs polishing.

The big day is coming when you will have to appear in the public spotlight. Perhaps you’re just beginning, giving a presentation, presenting at your first sales meeting, pitching in last minute for a colleague or being video taped.


Public appearances are increasingly becoming part of every individual’s job and are crucial to your business success.


The program is for those just beginning and knows that your communication style needs some fine-tuning and polishing.

Perhaps you are planning to:

Ask yourself:

With Shannon’s expert advice and eye for detail, you will definitely find out!


 This program is available for one–on–one personal coaching and Company training workshops. All programs are customized to suit the specific needs of the client.

Our programs are Your Passport to success in the era of excellence!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The “Unforgettable” Presenters Program

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our programs will also provide you with the opportunity to further develop and refine your skills, become competent in content development, delivery and techniques.
When adding these precious skills to your professional tool box you will gain:


Clarity – Credibility – Confidence!

Communicating effectively will enable you to deliver presentations that are clear, concise, and compelling. It will have an immediate impact on your ability to effectively influence and persuade any audience. Our programs are available to all levels of experience.

Speaking is becoming increasingly part of an individual’s job (no matter the level) and is crucial to your success while climbing the ladder in any company. These skills add greatly to an individual’s professional capacity and success!

Our Training is Available:

Our Training is presented in:

Our programs are interactive, fun and entertaining

Ask yourself:

With my expert advice and eagle eye you will definitely find out!
Becoming anUnforgettable Presenter takes skill and practice!

Topics range from: 

Our Approach

Our programs are built around the core concept that powerful communication must be clear, concise, and compelling.

In short, your image and presence determine how you are accepted in business, public, and personal life.

Choose one of our modules or all of them. It’s up to you!

Module One:  Developing Content and Strategy

Module Two:  Developing Presentation Style


Module Three:  The Audience

Module Four:  Practice

Module Five:  Personal Style and Persona

"First you sell yourself, then your skills, commodity or idea! It's show time! Lights! Camera! Action! You are on!"

Shannon Smith

This is your golden opportunity to put yourself and your message across like a PRO and increase your effectiveness in the business and social arenas.

Our three day program includes:

During the taping you will see yourself as other see you! It’s the quickest way to perceive yourself and learn quickly!

Your personal consultation includes critiques on:

When Charles Lindbergh stepped out of his plane in France after his solo transatlantic flight he said:

“It was easy and I did it alone.”

He stayed in control and you will too!

Stay True…Stay Relaxed…Stay Energized!

 Our training:

I’m confident that as a result you will have more success and gratification for yourself, business and personal life.” I personally guarantee it!”

Shannon Smith

Please contact us for more information.
Our programs are

Your Passport to success in the era of excellence!

Please do not hesitate to content with me to discuss our programs.

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