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Power Manners

"Learning how to dine, wine and act fine is your passport to universal acceptance."

Shannon Smith

(40 minutes to one-hour presentation)
Presented by
Shannon Smith
Author of Power Manners, TV personality
Founder of Premier Image International

As business and social life become more global and sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to project a dynamic personal brand, know how to be the perfect host, dress to impress, and conduct business with the right fork.


Power Manners will assist individuals to dine, wine, and act fine…..adding the polish required to maneuver on life’s many stages with savoir-faire and sophistication.


Shannon uses her own brand of wit and charm to take on the social epidemic of casual dining, bad manners, and poor dress and presentation. Her sparkling personality sets the tone for this fun interactive keynote.

Now you can find out:

It’s your opportunity to (purchase or receive) a copy of Shannon’s personally autographed book Power Manners.

Find out how to present a polished, professional personal brand whether it’s in a board room meeting, at a business lunch with a client, or an after-hours business cocktail party. Most people (sometimes even the boss) are unschooled in the basic rules of manners and personal presence – now you don’t need to be one of them…….

Attend Power Manners.

Learn about what Hemmingway called “Grace under Pressure.”

Personal Brand Power, it’s your passport to universal acceptance.

Shannon will be happy to customize a keynote or presentation on any of her other topics.

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Good Manners are an essential element in everyone's personal portfolio!

Far from a collection of rules and regulations, this is a very practical easy-to-read guide with answers to many of business and social questions.


It explores contemporary manners and universally accepted rules of behavior, helping you through business and social situations throughout the world.


Find out how to make the best entrance, how to handle the business lunch, about small talk and introductions, and what fork to use and when.


Find out how well-mannered you are when you check out our chapter quizzes.

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