Power Manners

Power Manners is sure to be a bestseller from Shannon Smith. But don’t expect this book to be about some stiff, formal, inflexible rules of conduct. Instead, it’s full of juicy information and insider tips that you won’t find elsewhere. Shannon gives sound advice about contemporary manners and a universally accepted code of behavior to open up new personal and business opportunities. Told simply and with humor the author shows readers how to attract attention and acceptance, increase their influence and success, and understand the importance of international protocols to increase business. From body talk, sealing the lunchtime deal to table manners, Power Manners will take the stress out of behaving yourself and discusses hilarious common mistakes others have made but readers won’t. Power Manners is a practical, easy-to-read guide offering answers to many of the business and social questions that stump people today. Not everyone learns the essential skills of manners and personal branding at home. Check out the chapter quizzes and find out how well mannered you really are and then learn how easy it is to impress others without being fake, schmooze with the best, get out of embarrassing business situations, and ensure that you are on everyone’s invitation list. Find out how to make an entrance, kiss or shake hands, be the perfect host, pay the bill graciously in a restaurant, dress appropriately, or discover what you shouldn’t be saying when you meet a new client. Power Manners offers valuable advice on how to walk on life’s many stages with savoir-faire and sophistication anywhere in the world you may be. Become more gracious, comfortable, and at ease always presenting yourself in the best light regardless of the situation.

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